Core Pillars of the Tiny Farm Project

The Foundations of Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming

Welcome to the heart of the Tiny Farm Project, where we outline the foundational principles that guide our mission and vision. We invite you to explore our core pillars, which encapsulate what we're all about and why we do what we do.


Central to the Tiny Farm Project is our unwavering commitment to education in sustainable farming practices. Based in our upcoming hub in Sand Hollow, Idaho, we offer hands-on training for all levels of experience. We're also in the process of developing online courses and resources that can be accessed globally. Whether you're a beginner in agriculture or a seasoned farmer, we aim to provide a dynamic, evolving educational platform that empowers individuals to take part in the future of sustainable farming.


The second pillar of our organization is awareness. We employ a multi-channel strategy to inform and engage the public about the imperatives of sustainable farming and responsible land use. Our tools include digital campaigns, educational blogs, and strategic local partnerships. We also believe in the power of grassroots efforts—our presence at farmers' markets and community events allows us to connect directly with people, sparking conversations and actions that lead to a greener, more responsible world.


The third and final pillar is growth. We're working diligently to build a robust network focused on improving local, sustainable food systems. By collaborating with local stakeholders, we can advocate for policy changes and gain resources that help amplify our impact. These partnerships are crucial for extending sustainable practices across the entire food ecosystem, fostering a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.

Your engagement and support empower us to make these pillars more than words—they become actions that shape a better world. Whether it's through participating in our educational programs, spreading awareness, or joining us in our growth initiatives, you're an invaluable part of this community.

Get Involved with the Tiny Farm Project

Navigating the realm of sustainable agriculture can seem daunting, but that's why the Tiny Farm Project is here—to educate, raise awareness, and foster growth in our community. We believe that every individual action can be a stepping stone towards a more sustainable future for all.

How You Can Contribute to Our Core Pillars:

  1. Education: Start your own Tiny Farm using our educational resources or attend our hands-on training sessions at our future hub in Sand Hollow, Idaho.
  2. Awareness: Volunteer at one of our existing sites, share our educational blogs, or help us build local partnerships to spread the word about sustainable practices.
  3. Growth: Lend your skills in community outreach, marketing, or sustainable farming to help us build a resilient food system. Financial contributions through donations or investments also play a crucial role in our growth.
Still curious or unsure where to start? Let’s connect! We're eager to answer your questions and guide you on how best you can participate in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture. Schedule a chat with us to explore the many ways you can get involved.